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Castor Oil Packs

Castor oil packs are a simple yet very effective way to support the body in a variety of ways. I'm going to share some of the benefits we can get from using castor oil packs, explain how to do them, and who should not use castor oil packs.

Originally, I recommended castor oil packs to clients who needed help supporting liver function. But the more I recommended them, the more I hear of other positive "side effects."

Benefits of using castor oil packs include:

  • Detox the liver

  • Stimulate lymphatic drainage

  • Better sleep

  • Better bowel movements

  • Reducing Scar Tissue

  • Reducing pain from menstrual cramps

  • Respiratory Support

How to use a Castor Oil Pack

  • Make sure you're wearing old clothes, as castor oil can stain.

  • Get the cloth nice and saturated with castor oil. Here is a link for my favorite organic castor oil and cloth:

  • Place the cloth in the desired area, right against the skin. If you are wanting to detoxify the liver, place it under the right ribcage. If you're wanting to boost lymphatic flow, place under the armpits or in the groin area. You can see my blog about the lymphatic system here: If you want help with menstrual cramps, place it over the lower abdomen. If you're looking for help with constipation or sleep, rub it all over the abdomen...

  • Place an old towel or rag on top of the castor oil cloth, and if you have a hot water bottle that you can place over that, the heat will help boost effectiveness.

  • I usually recommend starting with 1 hour, 3 times a week. You can gradually increase that time and frequency. Many people get to the point where they can sleep with the pack on all night.

  • You can store your cloth in a mason jar, and each cloth can be used for up to 30 times before it needs to be washed. I recommend washing the cloth in the sink, so it doesn't stain other clothes in the laundry.

  • Make sure you are drinking half of your weight in ounces of water a day, since it's important to stay properly hydrated while you're detoxing.

Who Should Not Use Castor Oil

  • Women who are pregnant should not use castor oil packs, since it can stimulate uterine contractions.

  • Some would argue that since castor oil packs stimulate blood flow, if a woman is on heavier days of her menstrual flow, she shouldn't use castor oil packs on those days. However, some women find that it can help with pain. Use your best judgement and consult your doctor for guidance.

  • Allergic reactions to castor oil are very rare, but possible. So if you have any skin irritation, discontinue use.

As always, talk to your doctor before making any changes to your health. This information is for educational purposes only, and not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

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